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Understanding the Vision

We begin the design process by learning about your lifestyle, personal aesthetic, and initial visions for your space. Understanding how you use your space and how you would like it to function are valuable components in the design. Examples of questions we explore during this phase may include the following:

•What elements must remain in your space? 

•What challenges are in this space? 

•How would you like to feel in this space? 

 By considering your space from various viewpoints, we address your desired vision and set realistic budget expectations.


Creating the Conceptual Design

During the conceptual design stage the gathered information is applied to an initial design concept. We identify parameters of the layout by taking measurements and thoroughly considering your specific space. Using our experience and expertise, we take your vision and enhance it to create a space that has flow and complements your lifestyle. We present visual representations to you and work collaboratively to confirm that the design is progressing in the desired direction.


Attending to the Details

After some fine-tuning, a final design plan is achieved. Sourcing, selecting and presentation of design materials are completed during this phase. You will be able to approve the choice of hard finishes, fabrics, colours, and accessories. Once all design materials are confirmed, a final budget is presented.


Realizing the Transformation 

With the design and materials confirmed, we establish a timeline for your project and order the materials for the final design. We are happy to provide recommendations for established and experienced tradespeople with whom we have worked with before, or you may arrange your own tradespeople. You will be given a complete  walk through and presented a final project binder.