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Stacey Price Design creates personal and stylish spaces for modern living. Our award-winning firm offers full service design in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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Kitchen & Bath Design

Our design process works with you from beginning to end to create a space that is beautiful and functional. We begin by gathering information and understanding your desired vision. We come to you to measure and further understand the parameters of your project and lifestyle needs. Conceptual designs are presented and collaboratively reviewed then revised, leading to a final design plan. All design selections are chosen and ready to be implemented. We can provide referrals to our talented and dependable contractors and tradespeople, or we can work with a team of your choice. Let's start your kitchen or bath design now.

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Design Consultation

Sometimes you just need advice or guidance to create a space that reflects your lifestyle. This two hour consultation is the perfect solution for those who would like design advice with their space but would like to work through the process on their own. This consultation is tailored to your project's needs so preparing a list of questions will help you get the most out of the meeting. This type of consultation works best for colour and fabric selections, finishes, furnishings and budget considerations. Details of the information discussed will be emailed to you. After this consultation, you will have the confidence to carry out the design plan on your own. Book a consultation now.


Space Planning

Visualizing how a space will come together builds purchasing confidence. Spatial layouts of rooms like bedrooms and living rooms provide a visual understanding of a room's potential. Measuring and planning a room accurately will save you from costly purchasing mistakes or breath life into your existing rooms. Space planning and furniture layouts require a complete site measure with perspective images prepared in CAD (Computer Aided Design). This design service is excellent for furniture layout projects. Contact us to arrange a space planning appointment.


Colour Consultation

Let us help you with the perfect colour for your living room, front door or full house. During your colour consultation, we will look at the light in your room, your furnishings and listen to what you hope to achieve. Have you noticed that there are more paint options than ever before? We can help by choosing the right paint for the right application. Painting has immediate impact and is one of the least expensive ways to create change.

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Renovating Design

Thinking of renovating a basement, laundry room or another space in your home? Contact us to discuss how we can help.